International Conference of Regional Card Schemes & Retail Infrastructures
19-21 March 2024, Lisbon, Portugal

12-13 October 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This annual invitation-only event brings together Senior Executives and experts in the field of card payments and Retail Financial Market Infrastructures from all five continents in a conference which is supported by the World Bank along with the European Card Payment Association, whose members include the major European domestic card schemes.

Following on from the success of the first five editions of the event which were held in Mumbai (2015), Milan (2016), Lisbon (2017)  and Madrid (2018), Istanbul (2019) event was held in Amsterdam in October 2022 after a forced suspension of 2 years caused by the worldwide pandemic.

The agenda was structured to continue sharing experiences and expertise between regional payment infrastructures, and to identify and address the major issues affecting today’s payments markets.

It was a unique opportunity for 140 participants from 45 different countries from all 5 continents to exchange views with peers in the payment industry, under Chatham House Rules in a non-commercial and open environment.

Moderator: David Stephenson
(+33) 672 83 20 58