CPACE is a Generic and Open Card & Mobile Payment application specification created by ECPC, a new Technical Cooperation group composed of the leading European Card Schemes.

It is freely available for use by any card scheme transaction and provides independence for card issuers and schemes from proprietary contactless applications which are currently available.

A presentation on CPACE and a copy of CPACE Functional Specifications can be found in the list of documents below.

For further information on CPACE:

contact : Cédric Sarazin, CPACE Project Coordinator

Tel: +33 1 40 15 58 53 – Fax: +33 1 40 15 58 42



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12/10/2016 2016-10-12_ecpa-nexo-Annual-Conference admin 1 MB  Download
28/11/2016 2016-11-23_ecpa-eba-rts-seminar admin 4 MB  Download
16/11/2017 2017-11-16_CPACE-DIC_V1.0 Beatrice COCOZZA 3 MB  Download
16/11/2017 2017-11-16_ECPC CPACE-Presentation V3.9 Beatrice COCOZZA 339 KB  Download